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190224 Minyoung Fancafe Post

My dear love, Fearless. It’s Minyoung!
The wind outside is chilly, but the sunshine is warm these days.
Now it’s late winter and spring is soon coming.
How are all of you doing?

The thought suddenly came to me that I wanted to see Fearless.
Actually…it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the fancafe.
There are many posts that I hadn’t seen…I read every one of them!
Now the time…it’s 2:15 A.M.
I feel like…well, something’s bothering me, haha.

Since Brave Girls doesn’t have much activity,
We know our fans are tired and that the waiting is hard.
I can see the signs on the fancafe..
I’m so sorry…I’m upset as well.
But there are still fans that think of us, wait and communicate.
I’m so happy and proud to be a member of Brave Girls.

The last time I had broadcast activities (tn: on air/promoting)
Well, it was…it was Rollin’.
March 2017.
It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been absent.

It’s been so long.
To our fans who have been waiting:
I’m so sorry and I miss you very much. (tn: the sorry here is a feeling of intense regret, she feels bad that they haven’t been able to do more)
Our members are desperate to make a comeback. (tn: used ‘desperate’ instead of ‘eager’ because a stronger feeling is being conveyed here. But it’s not ‘desperate’ in a bad way.)

It won’t be long.
I will come back in good shape this year.
I just…just…I promise.
I will keep that promise no matter what.
Until the day we meet again with our new look.
Stay healthy and eat well.
We will continue to wait and endure.
Fearless are our driving force.

It’s a little late but,
Happy New Year Fearless! And I love you.


Written by Crystal

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