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Fearless Brave Girls
Fearless Brave Girls
Fearless Brave Girls is a site created to share the love for the Korean music group Brave Girls (브레이브걸스), post information, news and create a space where fans can connect with one another and stay updated. Their latest song release is After 'We Ride', released on August 23rd, 2021 along with the mini-album repackage of the same name. Current active members are Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji and Yuna.
(2011) The Difference

The Difference | April 7th, 2011 | Debut Album

  1. Ain’t Nobody Like Brave Girls
  2. So Sexy
  3. 아나요 (Do You Know) [Album’s promoted song]
  4. So Sexy (instrumental)

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(2011) Back To Da Future - Mini-Album

The Difference | July 29th, 2011

  1. Back to da Future
  2. 툭하면 (Easily) [feat. Skull] (Promoted Song)
  3. 비가 내리면 (If It Rains)
  4. 너무 아파 (It Hurts So Much) [feat. Maboos of Electroboyz] (Eunyoung solo)
  5. 아나요 (Do You Know) [acoustic version]
  6. 툭하면 (Easily) [instrumental]

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(2011) Easily Re-Mix - Single

Easily [Remix] | August 26th, 2011

  1. Easily 툭하면 (Remix) (Feat. Skull)
  2. Easily 툭하면 (Remix) (Instrumental)

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(2012) Re-Issue - Mini-Album

The Difference | February 22nd, 2012

  1. B’Girls Are Back
  2. 요즘 너 (Nowadays, You) (Promoted song)
  3. 말 없이 (Without a Word)
  4. 요즘 너 (Nowadays, You) [remix]
  5. 요즘 너 (Nowadays, You) [instrumental]

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(2013) For You - Single

For You | August 31st, 2013

  1. For You [Yujin & Hyeran]
(2016) Deepened - Single

변했어 (Deepened) | February 16th, 2016

  1. 변했어 (Deepened) (Promoted Song)

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(2016) High Heels - Mini-Album

High Heels | June 28th, 2016

  1. 하이힐 (High Heels) (Promoted Song)
  2. Help Me
  3. Whatever
  4. 만나지 말걸 (Let’s Meet)
  5. 변했어 (Deepened)

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(2016) YooHoo - Single

Yoo Hoo | September 1st, 2016

  1. 유후 (Yoo-Hoo)

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(2017) Rollin' - Mini-Album

Rollin’ | March 7th, 2017

  1. 롤린 (Rollin’) (Promoted single)
  2. 옛 생각 (lit. translation ‘Reminiscence’)
  3. 서두르지 마 (lit. translation ‘Don’t Rush’)
  4. 하이힐 (High Heels) Remix
  5. Outro (Rollin’)

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(2018) Rollin' New Version - Single

Rollin’ [New version] | August 11th, 2018

  1. 롤린 (Rollin’) New Version

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(2020) We Ride - Single

We Ride | August 14th, 2020

  1. We Ride (운전만해)

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(2021) Red Sun - Commercial Song (Single)

Red Sun| May 5th, 2021

  1. Red Sun (Music Video Only)

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(2021) Summer Queen - Mini-Album

Summer Queen | June 17th, 2021

  1. 치맛바람 (Chi Mat Ba Ram) (Promoted Song)
  2. Pool Party (Ft. E-CHAN)
  3. 나 혼자 여름 (Summer by myself)
  4. FEVER (토요일 밤의 열기)
  5. Chi Mat Ba Ram (Eng. Ver.)

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